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Over 680 fit-out offices projects

From 2014 to 2018, Irina Sălăgean worked as an employee at CD&B company in Paris, France.


In February 2018, Sergiu Sălăgean and Irina founded Renderistic company in Timișoara, Romania, to outsource interior design services from Paris.


As of today, we have designed approximately 680 office spaces. Over the past 6 years, we have experienced organic growth, expanding to a team of 5 employees and establishing a sustainable cash flow. Leveraging new technologies, we can now visualize realistic virtual tours from any device with instant modifications, addressing numerous challenges in architectural projects.


This web 3.0 feature enables us to automate approximately 35% of the workflow for the first time. As we integrate this new application into our operations and begin offering it as a SaaS to other companies, the startup Decoshift, born from Renderistic and co-founded by Sergiu Sălăgean and Radu Cernescu, aims to revolutionize productivity with our innovative app.

sergiu salagean si radu cernescu portrait
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